Counselling for Depression

Depression can steal your joy from life and your connection with others. You have lost interest in activities that used to make you so happy. Your low energy and mood make it difficult to do some of the day-to-day things you need to do, let alone engage in any kind of hobbies.  Feeling this way can make it difficult to care for yourself.

Challenges you may be experiencing:

  • Low mood/energy most of the time
    • "Getting out of bed in the morning has become such a challenge."
    • "I feel so down in the dumps most days and don't have the energy to do anything."
    • "It is so tiring trying to get anything done, I have to battle with myself before even starting with the task at hand."
  • Feelings of worthlessness or guilt
  • Difficulty concentrating
    • "My mind goes in so many directions, it is hard to focus on one thing without 'getting in my own way.'"
  • Disrupted sleep patterns
    • "I sleep so much it makes it difficult for me to get into a daily rhythm."
    • "I wake up so many times throughout the night I never feel rested when I get out of bed."

Depression can feel incredibly overwhelming and make it difficult to even imagine a time when you will begin to feel better.  If you are experiencing feelings like those above, counselling can be a place of healing and change.

I can help you:

  • Develop tools for coping with negative feelings and thought patterns
  • Improve the quality of your life and connections
  • Experience freedom to live the life you deserve  

It takes a lot of courage to reach out for help and I commend you for making it this far.  Right now, THIS VERY MOMENT, you are taking the first step toward change.  Use this momentum and schedule your first appointment or contact me for your free and confidential 15-minute phone consultation.  Move toward the freedom you desire.