Couples Counselling

You or your spouse are struggling with pornography and it is stressing your relationship.  Pornography is often chosen over spousal intimacy.  Your spouse used to feel pursued and desired, but now struggles with feelings of being "good enough."

Challenges you may be experiencing:

If you are in a relationship and one (or both) of you have problems with pornography, it is normal to find yourself experiencing these challenges:

  • Feeling disconnected from your spouse
    • “We used to be intimate but now feel more like roommates than lovers.”
    • "Sometimes months go by without any sex in our relationship."
  • Experiencing erectile dysfunction
    • “When I am intimate with my spouse, I can’t seem to keep things going.”
  • Fantasizing
    • “When I am intimate with my spouse, I find myself thinking about pornography or other people.”
  • Desire to engage with your spouse, but choosing pornography instead
    • “I feel like it is easier sometimes to just watch pornography and masturbate than to be intimate with my spouse.”
  • Your spouse struggles with feelings of inadequacy
    • "I must not be good enough if my partner continually chooses pornography."
  • Wondering if you are going to get through this
    • “This has been going on for so long, I am losing hope that things will ever change.”
    • “Maybe it would be better to just leave.”

These are common challenges in relationships where one or both partners struggle with pornography.  If you are overwhelmed with feelings like these, couples counselling can offer a safe space to process and discuss difficult emotions with your spouse and begin to reclaim the relationship you desire.

Counselling can help you:

  • Reconnect with your spouse and reclaim the intimacy you desire
  • Stop hiding parts of your life you feel shameful about
  • Improve your marriage

Pornography is a relationship killer and healing requires bold steps including couples counselling.  If you are ready to reclaim your relationship, contact me for your free and confidential 15-minute phone consultation.

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