Counselling for Christians
Struggling with Pornography

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Individual Counselling for Pornography Addiction

Individual Counselling

You often feel powerless over your pornography use and hide this part of your life from others.  Battling this on your own has made you feel alone and hopeless things will ever change.  Stop trying to solve this on your own and begin your journey toward healing and restoration.

Individual Counselling

Couples Counselling for Pornography Addiction

Couples Counselling

You feel more like roommates than intimate partners.  Pornography is chosen over the real thing in your relationship, keeping you from the deep connection you long for.  Regain the intimacy you desire and claim the relationship you deserve.

Couples Counselling

Group Counselling for Pornography Addiction

Group Counselling

Your secret pornography struggle makes you feel isolated and shameful.  Connect with others struggling with the same challenges.  Experience the healing and support of group counselling and bring your pain out from the shadows.  Group counselling can be very effective and more affordable than individual therapy.

Group Counselling

Bryan Petkau

Hi, I’m Bryan Petkau

I am so glad you're here. I help guide Christians seeking freedom from pornography. We are created for intimacy, but for many this natural yearning is being distorted.

Part of my story involves secretly living with a pornography addiction for two-decades. It was through my work with a great Christian Counsellor that I found the healing I deeply desired.  I understand the challenges you face and would be honoured to help guide you through this difficult terrain.

My office is located in Chilliwack, BC and I offer Video counselling throughout BC and many other Provinces. Take your first step toward healing and contact me for your free and confidential 15-minute phone consultation.  I look forward to supporting you in your journey toward freedom.

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